Fast is the new cool: Sofia Marathon coming up

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Sitting in arm chairs while staring at screens and munching potato chips is nice. But running like crazy and overtaking them all is a lot better, at least for those ready to to sweat like pigs, while sprinting from A to B. Well, it’s actually from A back to A, for most participants.

The Sofia Marathon in Bulgaria (sorry, I needed this ford for SEO purposes) is coming up on October 15, 2017. And it has a new name: Wizz Air Sofia Marathon. Whoever wants to show the world just how fast he or she is, needs to register by October 8. Registering early, by October 2, will save every participant 10 Leva in registration fees.

But there are choices to make, beforehand. Depending on how cool, hip and fast any participant wants to be, he or she needs to choose between a total of four races:

> 3 kilometers: The one for cowards and lazy buggers is 3 km long (no offense, the author of these lines would never be able to win even this one). It’s just the right race for those who just want to take part in the Wizz Air Sofia Marathon, somehow, without overdoing it. Start: At 9:40 am.

Last year’s winner Guteta Biratu (center) and the participants Balcha and Kibire, who did very well too.

> 10.5 kilometers: Wow. Not bad. Just the right race for heroes and heroines who want to be sure they are running a real race, as opposed to the participants of the chicken race mentioned above. This one will start at 10:20 am.

> 21.09 kilometers: Now, this is a lot more impressive. Whoever runs this one, will go down in history as someone who did run the second best race. Participants will probably not be laughed at, but they won’t be asked for autographs either. Start: 10:10 am.

> 42.22 kilometers: O.k., this one seperates the men from the boys, and the ladies from the girls. Winning or almost winning this one will make anyone a star. Admiration and fame will for sure be waiting for you, if you manage this one. Start: 10:00 am.

The starting point and the finish line for the longer races will be located in front of the National Stadium Vassil Levski, at the intersection of Boulevard Evlogi i Hristo Georgiev and Gurko Street.

After registering, participants can pick up their bib with their number at the parking lot next to the stadium, from October 12 “since” 3 pm, it says on the official Wizz Air Sofia Marathon website. The latter contains all details, including the fact that the Sofia Marathon route is “sertified”.

Winners will not only receive medals, but also cash prizes of up to 8,000 Leva (long race).

Last year’s winner of the big race was Guteta Biratu from Ethiopia. He did the 42-kilometer race in truly impressive 2 hours, 15 minutes and 45 seconds.




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