President Radev wants Bulgarian children abroad to come home

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Bulgaria’s President Roumen Radev met with representatives of the Bulgarian expat community in New York City on Saturday, after visiting the local Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

He thanked them for promoting their country in international institutions and the companies they work in. And he had a request. Radev said, he wanted to register Bulgarians and Bulgarian communities abroad, in order to make sure there is a connection between them and educational institutions, as well as businesses in Bulgaria.

Radev stated, a register would “facilitate communication with our fellow countrymen abroad, for using their professional expertise and experience.”

“In a global world, a country can not exist alone. Finance, investment, technology, scientific and cultural exchange, everything is connected. And when you succeed, it is a success for Bulgaria too”, he told the Bulgarian expats.

But the President’s goal is to create the conditions which will make Bulgarian’s abroad return to Bulgaria: “For me, Bulgaria will have succeeded when you tell your children to come back to study and work in it”, Radev said.

The head of state admitted that Bulgaria needs to create confidence in the Bulgarian institutions, and a sense of fairness in society, while fighting corruption in public procurement. “It is high time to punish corruptions, and to have an independent anti-corruption body to discipline the political class”, he stated.

Roumen Radev also thanked the Bulgarian expat community for their Saturday and Sunday schools. Those created conditions for children to preserve their native language, Radev said. “Bulgaria is where people talk and dream in Bulgarian.”

With Foreign Minister Zaharieva, the President travelled to New York City on September 18, in order to take part in the 72nd General Assembly of the United Nations.



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