Bulgaria: iPhone 8 to be available from September 29

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To Apple iPhone users, the release of the next model always used to be a big day. In America, the waiting lines in front of Apple stores where shorter this time around. The reason is a matter of interpretation:

> Apple will not release its premium iPhone X until early November. That is the model many U.S. iPhone addicts are waiting for. Hence, shorter lines.

> Of course, Apple offered delivery services, and many consumers in North America, as well as in other countries where the iPhone 8 is available since Friday, ordered their iPhone 8 online. Hence, shorter lines.

> Apple asked customers not to stand in waiting lines on the first day, for security reasons. But they were encouraged to set up appointments at Apple stores. Hence …

> Of course, heretics in the U.S. said, the iPhone 8 was not that interesting anymore, compared to the first 7 models. That was their explanation for the shorter lines.

Whatever. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So is the general attractivity of the models iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which are already available in some European countries as well, including England, France and Germany.

In Bulgaria and other smaller countries, September 29 is the day of days. That is when the two less expensive (and less fancy) iPhone 8 models will hit the store shelves. So, Bulgarian Apple enthusiasts will have to wait for another five days.

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