Tragedy in the Black Sea: At least 21 refugees drown

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At least 21 refugees drowned in the Black Sea on Friday, when their boat sank, the Turkish Coastguard said. Between seven and nine people are still missing.

Fourteen migrants were rescued after the incident. According to reports from Turkey, a pregnant lady lost her baby during the rescue efforts.

The catastrophe occurred some 64 nautical miles from the Turkish town of Kefken. Up to 70 refugees, most of whom were Iraqi citizens, were aboard the boat, which reportedly was on its way to Romania. The fate of 36 passengers is not known.

In the past weeks, the Romanian and Bulgarian coastguards have found several refugee boats on that route,which were trying to bypass Bulgaria via the Black Sea.

Since the refugee crisis began, thousands of asylum seekers have died while trying to reach Western Europe. This includes refugees who froze to death in Bulgaria and neighbouting Serbia, and migrants who drowned in the Danube as well as the Black Sea.

Since the beginning of 2017 alone, more than 1,000 refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean.

Photo: Refugees on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea



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