Bulgaria: Snow on September 22, but where exactly?

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It was on September 22, 2017, when the first snow in months fell on Bulgaria. There are actually two places where it happened, but which ones?

No, it was not the beach in Obzor. Neither did snow fall on Vitosha Boulevard in Sofia, in the Varna Sea Garden or on the ancient City Wall in Hisarya.

Where does snow fall in September? Well, at some place high. At 2,376 metres, to be precise. Anyone? The answer is Botev Peak, the highest point in the Balkan Montains.

The other spot which got a little snow today, and where the above photo was taken by Musala Meteo, is of course Musala Peak. Elevation: 2,925 metres. It’s the highest point in Bulgaria and part of the Rila mountain range. No, there are no traffic lights up there, and no H&M fashion stores, but a little snow.

There are actually people in this country who are happy about the first, rather modest layer of snow. One of them is Strahil Georgiev, a mountain pro, who hikes a lot. When he doesn’t, he will usually be found on his skis.

“There is more frost than snow”, Georgiev told The Sofia Globe. But he admitted it was snowing a little bit.

Strahil Georgiev is a professional multitasker who lives at the foot of the Rila mountains, in Samokov. He is a highly professional skiing and snowboard instructor. And he is waiting for more snow.

Photo by Musala Meteo



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