Bulgaria: Electronic road tax vignettes to be introduced

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A new toll system will be introduced in Bulgaria, within two years, according to the national Road Infrastructure Agency. The system will have advantages for drivers, and for the authorities, since checking vehicles for valid road tax vignettes will be easier.

The price for a vignette valid for one year will not change, Darik News reported. This means, it will be 97 Leva, the equivalent of 50 Euro. Once the system starts working, vignettes will be purchased online. But drivers who do not have the opportunity to do so, can still register and pay at gas stations.

Once a driver pays the road tax, the registration number of the car he or she uses will be entered into the system. All vehicles moving on Bulgarian motorways and roads will be checked constantly. These checks will happen electronically. Little cameras will register the vehicles on the roads and determine, which ones do not have electronic vignettes.

The owners of vehicles without road tax vignette will be fined by police patrols, or they will receive tickets by mail.

One of the advantages for drivers: There will be one-day-vignettes, the price for which has not been set so far. A spokesman for the Road Infrastructure Agency told Darik News, at this point, printing a vignette sticker for one day would cost more than the price for such a vignette. Therefore, one-day-vignette will only make sense as part of the new, electronic system.

At this point, there are three types of sticker vignettes for regular passenger vehicles. Weekly ones are 15 Leva (8 Euro), monthly ones 30 Leva (15 Euro), and yearly ones 97 Leva (50 Euro). They can only be checked by the police on the road.

Theft is one of the problems connected to the old vignette stickers. There have been quite a few cases in which thieves cut out the parts of windshields which contained annual vignettes.

For driving in Bulgarian cities or towns, no vignettes are required. But for any motorway or country road, even for those which resemble Swiss cheese more than anything, they are required.



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