Earthquake in Mexico: Bulgaria’s small Mexican community exchanges information

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Members of the small Mexican community in Bulgaria were shocked to hear about the earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1, which hit Central Mexico, including the capital Mexico City, yesterday. Almost all of them managed to contact their families via Skype and social media sites.

In a group chat, some of the few Mexicans in Bulgaria told each other about the situation of their families back home. One chat participant could not reach his family. All others were relieved to hear from their loved ones and to find out they were physically fine.

Of course the families in the “Distrito Federal”, the county which includes the Mexican capital, and in other parts affected by the earthquake, were anxious. Also since it happened on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 quake, which killed many Mexicans, terrible memories mixed with the terror of yesterday’s natural disaster.

A Mexican lady in Sofia, who did not sleep much last night because of the terrible news, confirmed her family is fine in several chats. Her tries to call family members on the phone failed, because the Mexican telecommunication systems were either destroyed or overloaded.

She found out some of her family members in Mexico could not communicate with each other, for that reason. So, she served as the mediator, telling everyone about the other family members, although she was located thousands of miles away.

A rather small number of Mexicans, up to 100, live in Bulgaria. Many of them are married to Bulgarians. Some Mexicans live in Bulgarian villages, most of them in Sofia, Varna and other cities.

Carlos Arellano is the most prominent Mexican citizen in Bulgaria. Since he knows almost everyone in the Sofia expat community and organises many events, he is also known as “Mr. Party”.

Yesterday’s earthquake in Mexico left far more than 100 people dead. Countless buildings in Mexico City and other locations were destroyed or damaged. Helpers are still searching for survivors, who might be trapped under the rubble.

Just 12 days earlier, on September 7, 2017, a quake with a magnitude of 8.1 on the Richter Scale had rocked South-Eastern Mexico. A number of people died in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca. The tremor had been felt in Mexico City too.





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