Beloslava: Bulgaria’s Soul queen to stage concert in Sofia

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The Bulgarian vocalist Beloslava will be performing at the Sofia Live Club during the first week of October. Her concerts in that elegant venue, located on the basement level of the National Palace of Culture, are always very special, also since she usually shows up with a large band.

Beloslava has “a voice of honey”, her fans accurately say. The adjectives sexy and soulful are suitable here too. On top of all of this, Beloslava’s strong personality and stage presence make her gigs unforgettable. What sounds like a cliché is absolutely accurate, in her case.

While some of her recordings might be overproduced, the Balkanese way, with exaggerated programmed beats, her live concerts are just the opposite. They include the fascination of Funk, a quantum of Soul, Jazz, sometimes even Bossa Nova elements and convincing Pop compositions.

For her concerts, Beloslava always teams up with the best Jazz, Funk and Pop musicians Bulgaria has to offer. Toni Rikev will hit the stage with her. The slapping bass master and gifted guitarist chose the latter instrument for that gig. Radoslav Slavchev will be playing the bass, Nikolay Danev the drums, and Elena Kokorska will be responsible for the backing vocals, just to name a few participants.

Beloslava, one of the most brilliant Soul, Pop and Jazz singers in Bulgaria, grew up in an artistic family. In Los Angeles, she got her degree in advertising photography. Once she set foot on her home turf again, she started her music career, by founding her own band right away. Her first album “Ulitsi” (“Streets”) was released in 2001. She has performed all over Bulgaria and in Britain.

Beloslava‘s next concert at the Sofia Live Club will take place on October 6, 2017, at 11 pm. Tickets for 15 Leva are available here, or on site, in that case for 20 Leva.




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