Bulgaria: Ancient world shipwreck found in Black Sea

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Scientists who took part in an expedition of marine archaeology, called Black Sea Maritime Archaeological Project, have found ships used in antiquity at the bottom of the Black Sea. According to participants, nobody has seen or registered those ships before.

One of the wrecks was found very recently. A submarine with dozens of cameras installed will be used to explore the ship, while scientists will look at the find on monitors.

On Bulgarian National Television (BNT), Dr. Dragomir Grbov from the Center for Underwater Archeology in Sozopol said, one of the most important discoveries in underwater archaeology had been made.

Grbov said, there was an antique ship which was very well preserved, almost in its entirety. It included “many elements that are completely unknown to science so far”.

A British colleague of his stated: “We have seen many shipwrecks, but we rarely see such a thing with its entire structure. But here in the Black Sea the environment is such that much has been preserved, from the structure of the ship and its cargo.”

Another scientist involved, Dr. Krum Bachvarov from the University of Connecticut said the ship’s mast was broken but its lower part was left. “There is a full load of amphorae. We saw at least two types of amphorae and we found ceramics, kitchen ceramics and part of the galley.”

Processing all samples found and analysing all the data will take years.

In June, Bulgaria’s Cabinet had given permission to the Norwegian research vessel Havila Subsea to enter the country’s territorial waters, and to take part in the so-called Black Sea Maritime Archaeological Project from August to October.

The main objective of the project was collecting information to track climate and sea level changes, and to establish how these changes have affected the cultural development of Black Sea coastal communities.

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