The return of the Ugly German

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Germany is about to have parliamentary elections, this coming Sunday. According to polls, a radical right-wing party called Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), which obviously means “Alternative for Germany”, will not only be part of the Bundestag in Berlin, but maybe even lead the opposition. According to pollsters, the AfD might end up having the third-strongest parliamentary group.

Their top candidate Alice Weidel is a good looking lady, aged 38, who seems friendly and open-minded at first. The Ugly German in her comes to life, as soon as she starts talking, or writing e-mails. Democratic politicians, who are part of the federal government in Berlin are “pigs” to her. “They are just puppets of the victorious powers of World War II”, she wrote to an acquaintance in 2013.

When that e-mail surfaced recently, the former management consultant Weidel said it was fake, while the receiver insisted it was not. Once the AfD lady noticed the scandalous content of that mail actually seemed to help the AfD in the polls, she stopped calling it fake.

Weidel’s plan was to look moderate, while Alexander Gauland was supposed to collect votes in far-right quarters. Since that e-mail revealed the anti-democrat in her, the Nazi, things have changed. The e-mail scandal, along with Gauland’s recent faux-pas has put the AfD in the drawer it belongs.

Alexander Gauland, a 76-year-old lawyer from the former GDR, does not even try to hide his basic convictions. A few days ago, he said the Germans were allowed to be proud of what the Wehrmacht accomplished “in the two world wars”.

Regarding the Third Reich, which lasted from 1933 to 1945, Gauland stated, those 12 years “can not be held against us anymore. They do not concern our identity anymore. Therefore we have the right to get our country back, but also our past”.

Considering Germany started World War II by attacking Poland on September 1, 1939, considering 60 to 70 million people were killed, and considering Nazi Germany committed the most atrocious crimes ever, by murdering millions of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and oppositional politicians in concentration camps, it is no surprise that Gauland’s statements shocked German democrats.

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, a Social Democrat who is part of a Grand Coalition with Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU, accurately said: “If we’re unlucky, then these people will send a signal of dissatisfaction that will have terrible consequences. Then we will have real Nazis in the German Reichstag for the first time since the end of World War II.”

Minister of Justice Heiko Mass, who, like Gabriel, is part of the centrist SPD, said the AfD’s election programme was unconstitutional.

In the past years, the so-called “alternative” was voted into several regional parliaments within Germany. They found voters by spreading Nazi-like propaganda about refugees and certain minorities, such as Roma and Sinti. The AfD kept on growing, and even overtook the NPD, another Nazi party, which has been there a lot longer.

None of the other parties poised to make it into the Bundestag want to form a coalition with the AfD. For quite some time, Berlin has been discussing the right way to deal with the phenomenon of the returning Ugly German. The closer the election comes, the more desperate that discussion sounds.

Photo: Alexander Gauland and Alice Weidel. Source: Youtube.




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