Bulgaria: Imports of fake goods seem to be doubling this year

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The Bulgarian Customs Agency is sounding the alarm. According to the authority, the import of faked goods is increasing drastically. On Bulgarian National Television (BNT), Customs spokeslady Tamara Vlaikova said, the development had to do with “an increased demand for cheaper goods”.

As it turns out, a lot of fake fashion products, including clothing and shoes, but also perfumes and other contraband were seized at Bulgarian border crossings during the first six months of the year.

Increasingly, fake goods are being mixed with real ones. Tamara Vlaikova said in that BNT interview, a delivery of this kind for Ukraine, which had been shipped across the Turkish-Bulgarian border, had finally been seized in the Northern Bulgarian town of Rousse, a few days ago.

At this stage it looks like imports of faked goods into Bulgaria might double this year. From January through June, 268 cases were registered, while more than 600,000 items were seized. In comparison, a total of 635,000 items had been seized in the entire year of 2016.

In most cases, the contraband is being imported through the Captain Andreevo and Lesovo border crossings in the South, as well as through the airports in Sofia and Varna. The customs destroy all fake goods they seize.




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