Marillion to rock Plovdiv on September 24

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To Rock’n’Roll lovers older than 50, Marillion might still be a “new band”. They were founded 38 years ago, and therefore much later than The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Procol Harum, Santana or CCR, but they are not new at all.

Founded in Aylesbury in 1979, Marillion was about to impress millions around the world. Well, at first they were an instrumental group, which was actually called Silmarillion. Two years later, in 1981, a bloke named Derek William Dick joined them as their singer. He called himself Fish. Maybe a good idea with that kind of last name. His voice turned out to be truly stunning and definitely recognizable.

The success of Marillion’s high quality compositions, their sound and Fish’s contribution was big, to say the least. All of a sudden, they were the most influential “Neo Prog” or Progressive Rock group on the planet. The Genesis influence was audible, according to heretics, but whatever they may have said, Marillion did develop their own style.

With Fish, Marillion recorded a total of four albums. Those contained the most successful singles they ever released, including “Kayleigh” and “Lavender”. Many other successes followed. Marillion toured like crazy, in order to satisfy their huge fan base all over the world, their accountants and themselves. This band was always in it for the music as well.

Die-hard Marillion fans were in shock on September 15 of 1988, when the record label EMI announced Fish was quitting the band. He was the most visible member, the man in the center, who had given the group its voice. The split-up, due to some argument about the direction the group was going to take musically, changed things.

The other members decided to continue anyway, with Steve Hogarth as their vocalist. He is still their lead singer today. At first, in the early 1990s, Marillion did not seem to know where to go. First they released a Mainstream Rock album, shortly after they did a record which contained darker sounding tunes. But they stayed at it.

A total of 18 studio albums were recorded so far. The latest one, released in 2016, has a title which might sound very nasty to some, but just as funny to others: “Fuck Everyone and Run (FEAR)”.

On Sunday, September 24, 2017, at 8 pm, Marillion which be performing at the Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv. Tickets, within a price range from 45 to 100 Leva, are available here.

The night before, on September 23, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band will be playing on the same stage.




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