Varna to spend 200 million leva on infrastructure

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In the next few years, the Bulgarian city of Varna will invest more than 200 million leva (102 million euro). Varna municipality, under mayor Ivan Portnih, developed an investment programme of this size, in order to improve the infrastructure of the city at the Black Sea coast.

During an inspection of the ongoing construction on Mara Taseva Street, Portnih announced details of the renovation project. The latter carries a price tag of 6.3 million leva (3.2 million euro). Once the construction is copmpleted. Mara Taseva Street will become a boulevard.

“It will considerably ease the traffic in the region, especially during the summer period”, Portnih was quoted as saying on Bulgarian National Television (BNT). The mayor said the investment was necessary since the city of Varna was growing towards the South.

Also, Varna’s underground infrastructure is being refurbished, including the pipes. Above the ground, new pedestrian passages and roundabouts are part of the programme. The complete renovation of the boulevards Narodni Buditeli and “May 1st” are on the list as well.

Varna’s Vassil Levski Boulevard will be redone too, according to the municipality.

Mayor Portenh criticised the construction companies commissioned for the renovations, by saying there were design flaws, which were slowing down the renovation projects. The municipality would file claims against the companies for that reason, Portenh announced.

Design flaws in connection with road work is a wide-spread phenomenon in Bulgaria. Many repaired roads develop cracks and other kinds of damage, only months after their renovation. That kind of problem comes up in Sofia as well, on a regular basis.




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