Süddeutsche Zeitung: Many Bulgarians in Munich live in ‘precarious situation’

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More and more impoverished people from Bulgaria and Romania came to Munich, where they hoped to improve their lives, German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung said. The situation of many of them was “extremely precarious”.

Still, the city of Munich believed that its offers of assistance was sufficient, the article said. One regular conference on the subject of poverty immigration, which has been going on for three years, will be ended anyway, since the departments in charge believes there is no need for it anymore, according to the paper.

In Munich, some poor Bulgarians and Romanians try to get jobs on the “grey labour market” around central station. Others try to make a few euro per day by begging.

Experts are worried, since an internal document written by Munich’s social department does paint an alarming picture. Many Eastern European immigrants in need live in buildings which are scheduled to be demolished, in warehouses or “wild camps”. The document says, the living conditions were beneath human dignity, especially for children, also since those places were usually overcrowded.

Because the law changed last year, the social services department can not support most Bulgarian and Romanian families in this kind of situation anymore, since they are now excluded from social benefits for the first five years of their stay. This leads to a number of big problems, including the absence of healthcare. At least there is one NGO in Munich which does provide healthcare to migrants without health insurance.

The number of Bulgarians and Romanians in Munich has increased rapidly, the daily writes. In 2006, about 3000 Bulgarians and 4300 Romanians were registered in Munich, while today there are 13 000 Bulgarians and 18 800 Romanians.

Many of those immigrants have stable jobs and live in good conditions. But those who do not usually can not manage to improve their situation on their own.

The ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’ article, in German, can be found here.




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