‘Stressful Cities Ranking List’: Bad result for Sofia

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The British company Zipjet has found the least stressful and most stressful cities in the world. For its ‘Global Least & Most Stressful Cities Ranking’, data from 150 cities were analysed. This included many factors.

For the study which preceded the ranking, the population density of each city was checked, the number of green spaces, the public transport, the traffic congestion, the inhabitant’s perception of security and the sunshine hours.

Different kinds of pollution were considered too, including air and noise pollution. So were unemployment, purchasing power, social security and debt. Mental health was another factor in the ranking, along with physical health, gender equality and race equality.

According to the ‘Global Least & Most Stressful Cities Ranking’, Stuttgart is the least stressful city on the planet, followed by Luxembourg, Hanover, Bern, Munich, Bordeaux, Edinburgh, Sydney, Hamburg and Graz.

At the other end of the ranking, the most stressful cities are Baghdad, Kabul, Lagos, Dakar, Cairo, Tehran, Dhaka, Karachi, New Delhi and Manila.

Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, in which this publication is being written, is a stressful city, according to the ranking. It hit the 99th place on the list, sandwiched between Jeddah and Beijing.

The entire ‘Global Least & Most Stressful Cities Ranking’ can be studied here.

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