Nu Boyana Film Studios to stage Action Day on September 16

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“The Hitman’s Bodyguard” recently hit theater screens. The flick, with top notch Hollywood actors such as Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds, is an action adventure with very good evaluations on Lots of tickets were sold at cinemas around the globe.

Thanks to Nu Boyana Film Studios, Sofia was one of the main shooting locations. Several stunning scenes were filmed at the studios themselves, others in the center of the Bulgarian capital. As usual, crew and cast were happy with this location. To some, including Samuel L. Jackson, it was not the first visit to Sofia.

Ryan Reynolds (left) and Samuel L. Jackson are experiencing a slight issue with their vehicle in Sofia. Photo by Jack English/Nu Boyana.

What the studios at Nu Boyana are staging this coming Sunday, September 17, 2017, is very different. Sure, the event scheduled will contain action as well, but the audience will be right in the middle of it all.

The Action Day is the ideal family event. It will feature gladiators fighting a S.W.A.T. team, zombies will try to take on marines, and a car will be blown up the way they do it all the time, up there in Boyana. There will be a lot to watch and learn.

Action Day is an excellent behind the scenes look at the world of action movie production. This event will be hosted by someone who knows what he is talking about: The writer, actor, director and producer Keith W. Strandberg, who seems to be just the right person to explain and present things.

The big day will start on Sunday at 10 am. Strandberg will explain how car explosions are being set up and how to prepare unarmed combat scenes. Then he will demonstrate various fighting techniques with knives, swords and firearms.

After a lunch break, stuntmen will show stunning tricks with motorcycles. A bank robbery, during which a car explosion will take place, is the final item on the programme.

Action Day at Nu Boyana Film Studios is suitable for bigger children and adults.Children up to nine years of age are welcomed free of charge. Tickets (30 leva for children from 10 to 13, 60 leva for adults, or 80 leva for two) are available here.

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