Washington D.C.: Bulgarian Embassy sets up “Irma” crisis center

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Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva has ordered the establishment of an “Irma” crisis center at the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington D.C., her ministry announced. That center can be reached 24 hours per day. The phone number from outside North America or Canada is the following: +1-202-387-5770. From North America, this would be the number: 202-387-5770.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sofia also released the following recommendations and information for Bulgarian citizens in the areas affected by Irma:

> Keep an eye on the situation.

> Strictly follow the instructions of local authorities.

> Do not underestimate the danger. If you are advised to evacuate, do so.

> According to data from the National Hurricane Center in Washington, the storm will reach the shores of Florida on Sunday.

> On Friday night, airports in Miami and Fort Lauderdale are scheduled to close down.

“Irma” is a hurricane which just lashed the Northern coast of Cuba, after it did extensive damage on several Caribbean islands, where 24 people were killed. The storm, which was downgraded to category 4, is expected to pick up speed on its way towards Florida and become a category 5 hurricane again, before making landfall at the Florida Keys on Sunday.

According to the National Weather Service in the United States, “nowhere in the Florida Keys will be safe”. “Irma” is one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded.



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