Bulgaria Air: Accumulating flight delays cause new mess

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Bulgaria Air flights from Sofia to Rome, Vienna and Moscow departed after long delays last night, while their flight from London was very late as well. For the second time this summer, the airline is struggling with a series of delays.

Bulgarian National Television (BNT) reported, Bulgaria Air had stated, a technical issue with one of the company’s aircraft was to blame. A “normalisation” of the flight schedule could be expected by last night. But the opposite seemed to be the case.

Early this morning, the Bulgaria Air flight FB410 from Vienna to Sofia, which was supposed to reach its destination at 12:30 am, landed at 2:42. Flight no. FB814 from Beirut to Sofia arrived at 07:05 am, instead of 05:15 am, while flight no. 468 from Palma de Mallorca to Sofia was one hour and eight minutes late.

Also, Bulgaria Air flight no. FB995 to Varna was more than an hour late, FB987 to Burgas and Varna even 4 hours and 58 minutes. Flight FB851 to London Heathrow, which was supposed to take off at 6:35 am this morning, was boarding an hour later than that.

Flight FB7723 to Santorini was delayed as well. The Bulgaria Air flights to Berlin and Amsterdam were at their boarding phase well after their scheduled departure times too. The Sofia – Paris flight, FB431, was just marked “delayed” at Sofia Airport, half an hour after it was supposed to depart, without any information about its actual departure time.

Mess is the right word for what Bulgaria Air’s schedule is even this morning, in spite of the airline’s announcement about a “normalisation”.

In the past 24 hours, only a few Bulgaria Air flights were on time. Those included last night’s flight from Berlin to Sofia, which arrived only five minutes late.

The delays had started on Thursday night, when Bulgaria Air’s flight from Madrid to Sofia failed to depart at 11:35 am. It finally took off nine and a half hours late, on Friday morning at 09:06 am, according to BNT.

Of course, that delay affected other flights, including the one to Rome, which was supposed to depart from Sofia at 7:35 am. It was rescheduled for 11:30 am. As a result, some passengers missed their connecting intercontinental flights with other airlines.

At the beginning of July, Bulgaria Air’s schedule had turned into soft cheese before. In that case, the company blamed a storm in Moscow.

Shortly before, in June, Bulgaria Air had made compelling headlines as well. Because the airline had refused to pay a compensation to two passengers for two years, a Bulgaria Air aircraft was almost seized at Vienna Airport. At the last minute, the company did pay the compensation, in order to avoid the seizure. The latter would have been very embarrassing. And it would have led to further delays.

The Flightright portal, which helps airline passengers fight for their rights, had won a court case for two individuals. Bulgaria Air was supposed to pay 500 Euro, but never did. A Flightright spokesperson said, with Bulgaria Air, cases like this one ended up in front of courts all the time. The same applied to Turkish Airlines, Iberia, Ryanair and EasyJet.






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