New stamp to promote Bulgaria as holiday destination

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Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Angelkova, is continuing her efforts to turn her country into a year-round holiday destination. Now she introduced an item which she believes will help to promote Bulgaria: a postage stamp.

The stamp, measuring 7 by 9 centimetres, shows Rila Monastery and Kazanlak Tomb, two main sightseeing spots in Bulgaria, both of which are UNESCO cultural heritage places. The designer, Tetyana Uzunova, said she picked Bulgaria’s roots and ancient civilisations, since these items could impress tourists.

The new stamp is dedicated to 2017, as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Minister Angelkova said, the postal publication would be shown during the 22nd session of the United Nations World Tourism Organization General Assembly in Chengdu, China, which takes place in September. “There I will personally have the opportunity to present the publication to high-ranking figures from around the world”, the minister stated.

In the age of electronic mail, a stamp alone will probably not lead to a breakthrough of the Tourism Ministry’s promotional efforts. But of course more projects are in the pipeline. Minister Angelkova has increased the budget for advertising Bulgaria as a tourist destination. A video competition was launched as well. Also, Bulgaria presents itself at many tourism fairs around the globe.

Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Angelkova. 

Bulgaria does indeed have a lot to offer: Beach tourism at the Black Sea coast, mountain tourism all over the place, as well as spa and city tourism. Thanks to the country’s E.U. accession and the invasion of low budget airlines, the numbers have increased substantially, in the past 10 years.

Since Bulgaria is considered safer than destinations like Turkey or Egypt, a record number of 8 million foreign tourists came to Bulgaria in 2016. This year, the record will probably be broken again. At least that is what Nikolina Angelkova expects.

There are some problems, though: According to experts, Black Sea is dirty and unhealthy, and there are grave issues with Bulgaria’s infrastructure. Also, businesses in the tourism sector are having issues finding personnel, because of the ultra-low salaries in Bulgaria. Still, new record numbers are almost a foregone conclusion.

Photos by Ministry of Tourism, Sofia

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