Repairs on Boulevard Dondukov: “All of Sofia is closed”

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On Boulevard Dondukov, the repairs are on schedule, according to Mayor Yordanka Fandakova, who inspected the huge construction site this weekend. Until the end of October, the Bulgarian capital is supposed to have a brand new boulevard.

The working hours for construction workers were now extended, in order to make sure the mayor can keep her word. The endeavour does take time, since absolutely everything is being replaced, including the water pipes under Boulevard Dondukov, the cobble stones serving as the surface of this important link road between Sofia’s center and the North-Eastern part of the city, and the sidewalks.

In order to make sure Dondukov does not return to the state of Swiss cheese as quickly as new streets in Sofia usually do, the workers have built a cement foundation, which is supposed to do wonders. That way, the boulevard will supposedly even support the weight of trucks.

Those new tram tracks in the middle of the already renovated stretch were first propped up on pieces of wood, and then fixed, before the cobble stone was laid around them. It remains to be seen how shaky tram rides will be in the future, or whether they will finally be as smooth as they should.

Flying tram tracks at Boulevard Dondukov. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

So far, the short stretch between Krakra Street and Boulevard Vassil Levski is being worked on, as well as the long stretch between Raikovski Street and Veslets Street.

The construction works are already eating into the intersection of Dondukov and Veslets, where the traffic flow is not exactly improving, as a result. Pedestrians can hardly cross Dondukov, since the long construction stretch is fenced in. Some pedestrians improvise, by just squeezing through cavities in the fence.

Drivers heading East on the part of Dondukov, which is still open, will have to turn right on Boulevard Vassil Levski, then left on Boulevard Yanko Sakazov, where traffic is hell as a result, and try to get into Krakra Street, in order to get back on Boulevard Sakazov.

Residents are even more annoyed than drivers, because of the constant noise and the size of the construction project. Bulgarian National Television (BNT) quoted a lady saying “I did not think all of Sofia should be closed”. A man, who lives on Dondukov as well, told BNT the noise went on late into the night. He and his neighbours could not sleep, as a result.

Soon, the stretch between Raikovski Street and Boulevard Vassil Levski will be closed and refurbished. That should lead to a big mess as well, but a necessary one.

In the meantime, the intersection at Eagle’s Bridge, which was renovated as well, was supposed to return to normal today.



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