‘Western’ premieres: German drama set in the Bulgarian wasteland

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A German-Austrian motion picture set in Bulgaria is premiering in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin and Dresden these days. The drama ‘Western’ by German director Valeska Grisebach had only been screened at the Film Festival of Cannes before, where critics did like it.

The story indeed has elements of the classic Western, and proves the genre has not been forgotten completely. The reticent lone wolf riding a white horse is part of the story. John Wayne or, to mention the living, Clint Eastwood, could not have done it better.

A group of German construction workers hits the Bulgarian wasteland, in order to build a modern hydropower station. While most workers simply ignore the country they are in, Meinhard, the main character, embraces Bulgaria with its warm people, nice countryside and big problems. In a village nearby, he makes friends, but also foes.

In ‘Western’, main character Meinhard, played by Meinhard Neumann, tames a horse owned by a Bulgarian farmer.

In contrast, Meinhard’s colleague Vincent keeps freaking out, harasses Bulgarian women at a swimming river in the area and is simply not able to open his eyes for anything at all. In the end, all German workers compete for recognition in the Bulgarian village.

Director Valeska Grisebach, who was born in Bremen and studied directing in Vienna, took a 10-year break between her fifth film ‘Scars’ and ‘Western’, the sixth one. So far, she was awarded with eight major prizes for her work.

In is unclear when, where or if ‘Western’ will be screened in Bulgaria. In the United States, the motion picture will premiere in 2018.



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