“Köttbullar” and shelves galore: Ikea opens first store in Serbia

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The first Ikea store in Serbia was opened today. It is located some 15 kilometers South-East of Belgrade, next to the A1 Motorway towards the city of Niš. The store in Serbia is the 400th one Ikea has built and opened in the world.

According to the Swedish furniture giant, visitors will find “inspiration for home decor” and a total of 9500 products on 30,000 square metres, which makes that store large indeed. It is offering anything from Swedish meatballs called “Köttbullar” to “Billy” brand shelves.

Ikea made a point of the sustainability of the new facility in Serbia. The company said, the new Belgrade store had a system for separating 23 kinds of trash, geothermal pumps for heating and cooling, solar panels and a rainwater collector, the content of which would be “used for cleaning the toilets”.

Like all Ikea stores, no matter whether they are located in Woodbridge (Virginia), Stockholm or Paris, the new one has “Småland”, a huge indoor playground, a large cafeteria and even a supermarket.

Ikea says, it has invested more than 70 million Euro into the first Serbian store and created 400 jobs.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic appeared at the inauguration event, saying the arrival of the Swedish giant in his country made him proud. Asked if the purchased anything, he said no, “because the checkouts were closed”.

So far, there are not too many Ikea stores in South-Eastern Europe. In 2007, Ikea in Bucharest was inaugurated, in 2011 it was Sofia’s turn. More Eastern European Ikea locations are being built in Slovenia, Latvia and Estonia.

In its home country of Sweden, Ikea has 20 stores, while there are 44 in the United States. The country with the most Ikea stores is Germany. The count there stands at 52.

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