Weather in Bulgaria: Some relief felt on Wednesday morning

Written by on August 9, 2017 in Bulgaria - Comments Off on Weather in Bulgaria: Some relief felt on Wednesday morning

In Bulgaria, the extremely high temperatures of the past days and weeks were a burden for everyone living in the country. In the capital of Sofia, many had problems sleeping, since even the nights were far too hot, including the last one.

On Wednesday morning, a slight breeze and slightly lower temperatures delivered some relief to people in Sofia as well as in other parts of Bulgaria.

But still, the entire country was on a Code Yellow dangerous weather alert for Wednesday, due to expected temperatures in excess of 35 degrees Centigrade. The latter still sounded a lot better than the usual 38 to 40 degrees.

National weather forecasts for Wednesday predicted a temperature range from 28 degrees in Smolian and the Southern Black Sea coast to 35 degrees in most of Central Bulgaria, and even 36 degrees on the South-Western edge of the country.

More heat, a slight increase of temperatures throughout Bulgaria, was forecast for Thursday.





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