Internet connection speeds: Bulgaria among top 30 in the world

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Bulgaria provides some of the fastest internet connections in the world. This is the outcome of a study by British broadband, TV and phone price comparison website

The broadband ranking list, which was just released, contains 189 countries. Singapore has the fastest internet connections, by far, at an average speed of 55.13Mbps.

Sweden hit the second place, with 40.16Mbps, Taiwan the third, providing impressive speeds of 34.40Mbps, on average.

Behind a total of 26 countries, which include Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, the US and Romania, Bulgaria has its spot in that ranking list, on the 27th place.

Squeezed in between Canada and Czechia, like a cheese slice in a sandwich, Bulgaria has an average connection speed of 17.54Mbps. This is still a pretty good value, in comparison with 162 countries, which are listed below Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is still faster than New Zealand, the UK, Monaco, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Ireland, France or Croatia. The three countries with the lowest connection speeds are Burkina Faso, Gabon and Yemen.

The data used to compile the ranking list were compiled on the basis of 63 million speed test results.

In Singapore, downloading “Bridge of Spies”, an excellent movie, in Full HD quality, at a size of 7.5GB, would take 18 minutes and 34 seconds. Downloading the same flick in Bulgaria would take some 50 minutes, in the UK longer than an hour, and probably a month in Burkina Faso.

Up until now, Bulgaria was said to have faster connection speeds than countries like Germany or the United States. This does not seem to be the case anymore.




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