Code Red on Thursday: Dangerous weather alerts across Eastern Europe

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The sweltering heat in Eastern Europe will not give up anytime soon, forecasts suggest. The opposite is the case: Temperatures on Thursday, August 10, 2017, will increase again.

Code Red warnings were in place for ten out of eleven provinces in Serbia, because of the temperatures, which will exceed 38 degrees Centigrade, according to forecasters. All of Croatia, all of Montenegro and half of Bosnia got Code Red warnings as well.

According to experts, the heat in the affected areas endangers the lives of inhabitants, especially the sick and the elderly. Animals are endangered as well. And the danger of wildfires will be increased further. Staying indoors, drinking water and being vigilant is extremely important.

In Southern Poland and Southern Italy, Code Red alerts were in place too.

The slightly lesser Code Orange weather warning was given for Bulgaria on Thursday. This applied to all 28 provinces, because of temperatures between 34 and 39 degrees. In areas affected by Code Orange, people should stay indoors or at least in the shade, refrain from moving outside and drink a lot of water.

For weeks, the scorching heat has put South-Eastern Europe in a rather difficult situation. An unknown number of people in Romania, Bulgaria and other countries in the region have died as a result of the excessive heat.

In Bulgaria, firefighters have extinguished some 200 wildfires so far. In Macedonia, which is under Code Orange on Thursday as well, several countries, including Bulgaria, Israel and Switzerland, have recently helped battling wild and forest fires from the air.

Regarding the heat in South-Eastern Europe, there is no end in sight, at this stage.



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