Hot Tuesday: Heatwave concentrates on Bulgaria and Macedonia

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The heatwave in Europe, which has been making things difficult for several weeks now, will mainly be affecting Bulgaria and Macedonia on Tuesday, August 8, according to forecasters. While the weather in neighbouring states such as Romania will supposedly normalise today, the heat just won’t let up a bit further South.

Both Bulgaria and Macedonia were under a Code Orange dangerous weather alert on Tuesday, which included all provinces of both countries. A “continuation of the heat” was the reason. Next door, in Serbia, only the South was placed under a warning of this kind. In Greece, it was the North and the Western edge.

A Code Red weather alert is in place for the Southern peak of Montenegro.

Even Bulgarians, who are used to hot summers, are complaining. “I did not expected such hot weather during this summer. I feel like I am back in Spain. It’s a crazy world”, said one Sofia resident.

Apparently, this is not the first summer of extremes. “Around 1998 and 1999, there were extremely hot summers with temperatures over 40 degrees, reaching 45 in some towns”, another Bulgarian remembered.

Experts say, this kind of heat was very dangerous. It could lead to “exceptionally intense meteorological phenomena”, which did cost lives. Several people have died in Europe, as a direct consequence of the extensive heat.

According to forecasters, little will change in Bulgaria in the days ahead, except the few clouds and thunderstorms forecast for today and tomorrow will supposedly disappear by Thursday.



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