European Union: Most teenage mothers in Romania and Bulgaria

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Within the European Union, Romania and Bulgaria have the highest shares of first children births to teenage mothers. In 2015, a total of 12.3 percent of all births of first children in Romania were part of this category. With 11.9 percent, that value is very high in Bulgaria as well.

According to Eurostat, Hungary is next, with 9.0 percent. In comparison, the share of first births to teenage mothers in Italy is only 1.2 percent, in The Netherlands and Slovenia it is 1.3 percent.

In all of the European Union, 47 percent of women gave birth to their first child, when they were between 20 and 29 years old, while 45 percent of first-time mothers were in their thirties, Eurostat said today. All of this applies to 2015.

There were 93,000 births of first children to teenagers in all of the E.U., and 87,000 to women aged 40 or older. Most of the latter cases were registered in Italy and Spain. In those two countries, but also in Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg and Portugal, there were more first births to women in their thirties, than to those in their twenties, as opposed to all other E.U. countries.

On average, women in E.U. countries, who gave birth to their first child, were 29 years old.



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