Bulgarian Tourism Minister: Number of foreign tourists increased

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As expected, the number of foreign tourists in Bulgaria has increased during the first half of 2017. In Bourgas, Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova said, 3.3 million tourists from abroad had visited the country from January to June. This amounts to an increase of 8 percent, compared to 2016.

At a discussion entitled “Cleaner Sea Tourism”, Angelkova stated, the growth concerned both the number of tourists and the revenues.

According to her, 340,000 foreign tourists visited the Bulgarian Black Sea coast ahead of the summer season, from January to May. In this case, there was a 3 percent increase.

Tourism at the Black Sea accounts for 70 percent of the total tourism revenue in Bulgaria. By trying to convert the country into a year-round tourist destination, the government wants to change that.

A nice beach at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Photo by Lea Marcus.

Nikolina Angelkova also announced a continuation of beach checks. She said, inadequate numbers of life guards were most frequent violation. The minister also wants to regulate camping sites.

Shortly before the summer season started, several agencies had “cleaned up” in Slanchev Briag, also known as “Sunny Beach”, by removing illegal shops and other tourist traps.

This year, Bulgaria is hoping for 9 million tourists from abroad. That would be a large increase, from the 8 million which came to the country in 2016. Recently, Angelkova had said, her ministry was already “working with the big tour operators”, in order to make the summer season of 2018 a success.

Main photo by Nikolina Angelkova (her FB page)



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