Bulgaria and Macedonia on Monday: Code Orange weather alert for two entire countries

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Bulgaria and Macedonia are the only countries in Europe, which were placed under a Code Orange weather alert, in their entirety, for Monday, August 7, 2017.

In Bulgaria, all 28 provinces got Code Orange because of dangerous conditions with temperatures above 37 degrees. The same applied to all six Macedonian provinces.

The South-Eastern edge of Europe had already been affected by the heatwave named ‘Lucifer’ in the past days. On Monday, things are supposed to worsen in the two countries mentioned.

From Vidin to Silistra, and from Blagoevgrad to Tsarevo, but also from Kriva Palanka to Tetovo and from Struga to Strumica in Macedonia, the heat will be felt everywhere. According to experts, this kind of weather is “extremely hazardous”. The population is advised to stay indoors or in the shade, and to drink a lot of water.

For Tuesday, only a slight temperature drop was forecast, along with possible thunderstorms.

In the meantime, on Monday, the excessive heat will also affect Southern Romania, Northern Greece, the North-Western part of the Greek peninsula Peloponnese, Northern Italy, Northern Croatia and Southern Austria.

Since January 1, 2017, Bulgaria has been haunted by weather extremes. First, the country endured the harshest and coldest winter in 69 years. A few months later, the first dangerous heatwave hit the country. On July 1, 2017, Code Red alerts had been given for 17 Bulgarian provinces.

Since then, especially elderly and sick people have had a hard time dealing with the heat, which took only a short break in late July.




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