Even hotter on Friday: Code Orange weather warning for parts of Bulgaria

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Update Friday, 05:50 am: Code Orange dangerous weather warning added for Kustendil as well.

Bulgaria is in for even more heat on Friday, August 4, 2017. Dangerous weather warnings are in place for the entire country. In seven out of 28 Bulgarian provinces, Code Orange warnings apply, while Code Yellow is valid in the rest of them.

Due to expected temperatures of more than 37 degrees Centigrade, Code Orange warnings apply to the following provinces: Blagoevgrad, Kustendil, Vidin, Montana, Pleven, Ruse and Vrstsa.

In the other 21 provinces, including the ones along the Black Sea coast and the capital Sofia, Code Yellow warnings were issued. In these cases, the expected temperatures range from 34 to 37 degrees.

Again, people are advised to refrain from a lot of movement outdoors, especially in the Code Orange regions, but also in the rest of Bulgaria. A sufficient, non-alcoholic fluid intake is essential. Code Orange is the second highest weather warning, Code Yellow the third highest.

Yet another weather warning for Saturday is a foregone conclusion, since temperatures will rise even further this weekend, according to forecasters.

A month ago, on July 1, a Code Red dangerous weather warning was in place in 17 Bulgarian provinces, since the heat rose to 44 degrees and was unbearable, in parts of the country. This was a rare occasion.




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