‘Bulgarian Eagle’ acquires Air Operator’s Certificate

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Bulgaria now has another airline. Bulgarian Eagle, a division of the German charter airline Germania, just got its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). This means, Bulgarian Eagle may now start operations.

At this stage, the company owns one Airbus A319, which is based at London Gatwick Airport. The aircraft carries the regular Germania livery, but the words “operated by Bulgarian Eagle” were added, according to German media reports.

Ralf Nagel, a pilot who worked for FlyEgypt until recently, is Bulgarian Eagle’s CEO.

Germania transports some 2.8 million passengers per year. The airline offers scheduled flights between airports few other airlines connect, like from Berlin to Tehran (Iran) or from Düsseldorf to Erbil (Iraq).

Also they are a player in the so-called wet-lease business. The latter is about renting out planes, along with pilots and flight attendants, to other airlines. Mainly for this purpose, Germania just founded its Bulgarian division.






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