Nato and US welcome treaty between Bulgaria and Macedonia

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After the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the United States of America have welcomed the Treaty of Good Neighbourliness, which was signed by Bulgaria and Macedonia on August 1 2017.

In Brussels, Nato’s deputy secretary-general Rose Gottemoeller said that the organisation welcomed the “spirit of cooperation that made it possible to sign the treaty”. The American Nato diplomat said the treaty was “an important event in creating positive, forward looking relations in the region. Its implementation will contribute to the security of the Balkans, which is in the interest of all.”

The United States of America reacted as well. The US state department released a statement that said the treaty signed in Skopje “recognizes the already strong ties between the two countries and opens doors for even closer cooperation in different areas.” This step would “contribute to the political stability and economic development of the entire region”, the statement said.

The treaty signed by Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov and his Macedonian colleague Zoran Zaev is based on a declaration agreed on by the two countries in 1999.

Among other aspects, it provides for the setting up of a committee to examine events in the shared histories of the two countries, and for Bulgaria and Macedonia to hold joint celebrations of personalities and events in history.

The document also affirms that the two countries have no territorial claims on each other.

Earlier, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and Commissioner Johannes Hahn had reacted by saying that the treaty demonstrated the determination of both sides to overcome bilateral issues. Also, it was an inspiration for the whole region.

Details on the treaty of good neighbourliness can be found here.

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