Lidl Bulgaria opens logistics center in Yambol district

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Lidl Bulgaria inaugurated an additional, very large logistics center near the village of Kabile in the Yambol district. The center is located right next to Trakia Motorway, which connects Bulgaria’s capital Sofia with the eastern part of the country.

The first logistics center owned by the Bulgarian division of the German company was erected in Ravno Pole seven years ago. Up until now, Lidl sent deliveries to all of its stores in the country from Ravno Pole. From now on, the old logistics center will be responsible for deliveries to Lidl stores in the western part of Bulgaria only, while Kabile will deal with the part east of Plovdiv.

In Kabile, Lidl Bulgaria invested more than 40 million euro and created 150 new jobs in a poor part of Bulgaria, in which job opportunities are scarce.

Lidl says, the additional capacities will help “optimising delivery and storage processes”. The freshness and quality of the goods offered was guaranteed.

The German supermarket chain just entered the Bulgarian market seven years ago. The 85th Lidl store in the country was opened in Samokov on July 5 2017.

In the ongoing competition war between supermarket chains, Lidl proved to be a strong player, while chains like Piccadilly and Carrefour did not. They disappeared completely.

Just like Kaufland, Lidl is owned by Schwarz Gruppe. In many European countries, the main competitor for Lidl is Aldi, which does not have stores in Bulgaria. In all of Europe combined, Lidl now runs more than 10 000 stores.

Photo: The new Lidl logistics center in Kabile. Photo source: Youtube.



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