‘Fruit and Milk Scheme’: EU provides millions for nutrition in Bulgarian schools

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The European Union introduced its Fruit, Vegetables and Milk Scheme today. The project, which is worth 250 million euro, will provide healthy nutrition to schoolkids in participating European countries, including Bulgaria.

One of the goals is to make sure the nutrition for schoolchildren improves. At the same time, educational programmes about nutrition are part of the project as well. The former Milk Scheme and the Fruit and Vegetables Scheme, which used to exist separately, were now combined.

For school kids in Bulgaria, the European Union will provide more than 3.8 million Euro for the new school year 2017/2018, which starts in September. All 28 EU member states will participate. They have the option to add funds to their Fruit, Vegetables and Milk Schemes, if they choose to do so.

Last school year, some 20 million schoolkids were reached in Europe. This time, there might be more.

The European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan said, the Scheme provided valuable support to millions of European schoolchildren and thousands of farmers in the member states. “Such support has proven particularly important for farmers in recent years and the increased funding will enhance the value of this support.”

Not only in Bulgaria, which is the poorest EU member state, some children often go to school hungry. To them, the Fruit, Vegetables and Milk Scheme will make sure they don’t just have a more healthy breakfast, but breakfast at all.




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