U.S.-Bulgarian programme: Students learn about dangers of drugs

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One hundred Bulgarian high school students came together in Varna, in order to learn about the dangers of drug use. The event was organised by the American Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), in cooperation with Varna Municipality.

“Just say no” is a slogan created by First Lady Nancy Reagan in the 1980-s, which basically says it all. “No” to drugs is the new cool. This kind of advice is hopefully heeded by most Bulgarian teenagers.

The students who took part in the Varna discussion, which was part of the Blue Heart Campaign for a “Summer Without Risk”, will be peer educators on the dangers of drug use and drug trafficking in their schools all over Bulgaria.

The DEA combats drug use as well as smuggling in the United States of America and abroad. According to the U.S. embassy in Sofia, the agency also cooperates with the Bulgarian Customs Service when it comes to seizing drugs and arresting drug traffickers.

Because of its geographical location and for other reasons, Bulgaria is being abused as a transit country for drug deliveries from Afghanistan and other countries.



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