Boxes on wheels: Sofia shows off 40 new buses

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Beauty is usually in the eyes of the beholder, but not in this case. The city of Sofia showed off 40 brand new and extremely attractive looking buses. They lined up at the most appropriate place in the Bulgarian capital, which is the huge parking lot at the Aleksandar Nevsky Cathedral. Usually, the cathedral is the most sensational object in the city. Not today.

Sexy, sexier, Sofia buses. Millions of them were parked at the big cathedral. 

Last time around, Sofia Municipality purchased dozens of Chinese-made buses. Now Turkish products were chosen. These eco buses were manufactured by BMC, the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in Turkey, which was seized by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey in 2013. The latter is owned by the government. The regime in Ankara has got to be happy about Bulgaria’s shopping spree.

The drivers will be staring at coffee- and Coca Cola-proof dashboards. 

On top of the 40 buses, which were parked at the cathedral this morning, 30 more will be arriving soon. Sofia intends to replace quite a few moving scrap heaps, which are spreading more Diesel Clouds than cruise ships, mainly in the northern part of the city.

Sofia Municipality finally noticed that handicapped and elderly people, as well as parents with strollers, need to board buses too. 

Forty bus drivers, neatly dressed, in white shirts, ties and what not, were sitting in the shade next to the big cathedral. They seemed to be looking forward to driving those wonderful vehicles through the city. They told The Sofia Globe that the buses were running on methane.

The drivers of Sofia’s new buses looked like they were heading for the opera. 

Sofia badly needs eco buses of the kind it showed off today, since it is the most polluted capital in the European Union. Any steps which could improve the air quality are not just good, but also absolutely necessary. Amen.

It doesn’t get any sexier than this. But there is one downside: These buses don’t have ashtrays. 



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