Die Welt: ‘Why not go to Bulgaria, instead of Spain?’

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German tourists are crazy about Spain. They always have been. “Vacation = Spain” is a formula many Germans do not want to ignore. On the other hand, a growing number of Germans do want to see something different once in a while. There is more to Europe than just the Costa Brava.

“Why not go to Bulgaria, instead of to Spain?”, a headline reads, in the travel section of the daily ‘Die Welt’. The Ministry of Tourism in Sofia would definitely agree. So would owners of Bulgarian businesses in the tourism sector, and everyone else in this mysterious country in South-Eastern Europe.

So, a ‘Die Welt’ reporter spent an active vacation in Bulgaria, the land of feta cheese and rose oil. And he got to write about it afterwards. One thing is certain: Arnd Petry is not the kind of tourist who just wants to sunbathe and hit the pool, while consuming unlimited quantities of beer. Adventurous tourist is the title which fits him a lot better.

“The country at the Black Sea is mainly known for its large concrete hotels and all-inclusive beach vacations”, he writes. “But whoever drives inland, will find a country largely untouched by tourism.” Well, the guy is right.

This reporter ended up in Kamen Briag first and writes, thousands of “intruders” had celebrated the sunrise with concerts on the beach. Yes, Petry obviously witnessed “July Morning” and was impressed. According to him, “it was like during the times of the hippies, who housed in caves at the cliff coast in the 1970-s.” Really?

There is something else ‘Die Welt’ loves about Bulgaria, which is its nature. The representative of the daily from the land of cuckoo clocks and Sauerkraut wrote that flowers were “blossoming in red, yellow and violet”. He also liked archaeological sites.

Bolata is the next location praised in that German article, a tiny beach, with a so-called “moist zone” right behind it. More than 150 kinds of birds live here, supposedly. Even expatriates, who have been living in Bulgaria for years, and some Bulgarians, can learn from ‘Die Welt’.

Oh no! There is criticism too. It reads, there were not enough signs marking the hiking path in Strandzha. Not enough signs in Bulgaria? Tell us about it. And the chairlift was too old? We apologize. But, all in all, the German liked Bulgaria. A lot.

The entire article entitled “Warum nicht mal nach Bulgarien statt nach Spanien?” (yes, in German), can be found here.



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