Sofia: Street repairs on Boulevard Dondukov lead to more closures

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The repairs of Sofia’s Boulevard Dondukov will be extended this weekend. Since the new tram tracks on Krakra Street are ready, they are supposed to be connected to new tracks on Dondukov. Starting on Saturday, the stretch between Krakra Street and Boulevard Vassil Levski will be closed for all traffic.

So far, construction workers are refurbishing two parts of Boulevard Dondukov:

> The stretch between Boulevard Czar Osvoboditel and Veslets Street

> The part between Backo Kiro Street and Raikovski Street

On Thursday, a pedestrian was crossing the part of Boulevard Dondukov, which is still open, for now.

Between Raikovski Street and Boulevard Vassil Levski, nothing has been done so far. That part of Boulevard Dondukov, as well as the short stretch between Backo Kiro Street and Veslets Street, will be refurbished during a later phase of the road works. The latter part is still open because it is the only place where trams number 20, 22 and 23, which usually move along Boulevard Dondukov, can turn around.

Further East of Sofia’s city center, Boulevard Yanko Sakazov is affected by the repairs as well. Traffic is being squeezed onto two narrow lanes.

On Krakra Street, the new tram tracks seemed to be ready on Thursday.

Sofia Municipality originally wanted to have all repairs completed by the end of August. Recently they have said, it will take until the end of October, which sounds more realistic.

But the delay means a rather big mess should be expected from September 1, when all vacationers are returning to Sofia.

Even in summer mode, the repairs are causing traffic jams on Boulevard Czar Osvoboditel, Raikovski Street, Boulevard Yanko Sakazov and Boulevard Madrid, and an additional traffic density on Boulevard Slivnitsa and Boulevard Knyaginya Maria Luiza.

In other parts of the city, streets are being repaired as well. This includes Boulevard Praga in the Medizinska Akademia quarter.

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