Drowning incidents at Bulgarian Black Sea coast: 140 deaths per year

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On average, 140 people drown in Bulgaria every year. Most deadly incidents of this kind take place at the Black Sea.

On Sunday, the body of an 11-year-old girl was found, who had drowned in Slanchev Briag (“Sunny Beach”) last Thursday, after being sucked out into the sea by an underwater current. The girl from Czechia was accompanied by a lady aged 61, who drowned as well, while trying to save her.

Like many other tragedies of this kind, this incident happened in the evening, when the life savers responsible at the beach had already left. In a separate incident on Friday, a Russian tourist drowned in Ravda.

The causes for drowning tragedies differ, but experts say the danger of currents in the sea are largely being underestimated, and sometimes ignored. They also warn parents not to lose sight of small children at the beach, even for a second.

There are calls for an extension of the working hours for life savers at beaches, who also determine whether swimming is allowed or not, and whether additional caution is necessary, due to high waves or minor currents. At this stage, life savers are usually on duty until 6 or 7 p.m..

Preventive measures could save 80 percent of all drowning victims, according to experts. They warn that even excellent swimmers can be sucked into the water by currents. Any attempt to save a drowning person should be coordinated with life savers or other helpers. In many cases, people drown while trying to save someone else.

Generally speaking, the dangers usually increase when the wind blows from the land out to the sea. On the other hand, there can be dangers even without wind, and even when life savers have put up green flags.




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