Sunday: Dangerous weather warnings for Western Bulgaria

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Dangerous weather warnings are in place for Western Bulgaria for Sunday, July 16, 2017, because of strong rainfalls and thunderstorms. This applies to a total of 16 Bulgarian provinces and the city of Sofia.

Code Orange dangerous weather warnings, due to 35 to 60 liters of rain per square meter and possible fierce thunderstorms, were announced for these provinces: Blagoevgrad, Gabrovo, Kustendil, Lovech, Pazardjik, Pernik, Plovdiv, Smolian and Sofia (both the city and the province).

Code Yellow warnings, which are a little less alarming, are in place for the following provinces: Haskovo, Kardjali, Montana, Pleven, Veliko Stara, Zagora Tarnovo and Vraca. In this case, 15 to 35 liters of rain per square meter were forecast, along with thunderstorms.

Sunday saw a substantial temperature decrease in most of Bulgaria. While 25 degrees Centigrade and sunshine were expected along the Black Sea coast, a thick layer of clouds covered most of the country.

In Smolian, located in the very South, daytime temperatures of not more than 15 degrees were forecast for Sunday. In much of Bulgaria, things did not look much better, except in the central part of the country, were 24 degrees were expected, in some areas.

According to forecasters, the usual summer heat will be returning gradually, starting on Tuesday.

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