Western Balkans Summit: Six more countries heading for the E.U.

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At the Western Balkans Summit in Trieste, heads of governments of several old European Union members made clear, the Western Balkans states’ future was in the E.U.. This is what it said in the closing statement of the conference as well, which was released late in the evening on Wednesday.

Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Kosovo took part in the conference, along with high ranking representatives from Germany, Italy, France and Austria.

Austria’s Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said, the Western Balkans region had direct ramifications regarding the stability, security and the economical development of the European Union. That was why stability and positive developments in those Western Balkans countries were crucial.

Just before the conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel had stated: “Political stability in that region is stability for us.”

The European Union wants to mitigate traditional conflicts between some of those Balkan countries by extending the economical cooperation. All participants from member states know the E.U. will have to care for the Western Balkans region more.

In 2014, Germany had started the annual Western Balkan Summit.




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