Global Peace Index: Bulgaria is one of the safest countries

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The 2017 Global Peace Index (GPI) comes to the conclusion that the world became a little more peaceful last year, but significantly less peaceful over the last ten years. The study’s outcome is that the world continues to spend enormous resources on creating and containing violence, but very little on peace.

According to the Institute for Economics and Peace, with offices in Sydney, New York and Mexico City, most of the nations in the GPI became more peaceful over the last year. A total of 93 countries improved, but 68 deteriorated.

“Most countries have a small increase in peacefulness only, while a handful of countries have had very large deteriorations in peace”, the institute concludes. It also found out that less peace makes countries more susceptible to populist political movements.

Generally, Europe is the most peaceful region on Earth. Bulgaria, the country The Sofia Globe is based in, is the 28th safest country in the GPI.

Bulgaria got positive values in several areas taken into account, including low homicide and incarceration rates, low weapons imports and a low terrorism impact.

On the more negative side, the perception of criminality is relatively high in Bulgaria. So is the violent crime rate. Access to weapons is easy in this country.

The five safest countries on Earth are Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria and Denmark. On the other end of the list, Syria hit the 163rd place and is therefore the least safe country. It is being followed by Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan and Yemen on ranks 162 to 159.

The Global Peace Index, in its entirety, can be studied here.




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