Expats in Bulgaria: The 10 best excuses for not speaking the language

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Let’s face it: Many of us expats do not speak Bulgarian, even though we might have been here for years. Or at least we do not speak the language properly. What do we say when we are being asked why we don’t speak Bulgarian? These are the best excuses.

General excuses:

1. “Life is too short to learn Bulgarian. Or was it German?”

2. “Even Korean would be easier to learn.”

3. “I will start studying the language systematically in September.” (Don’t mention which year you are referring to. It could be 2028.)

Or change strategies. Distraction usually works very well:

4. “I really love your shoes.”

5. “How do you like the latest Santana album?”

6. “Let’s go for a salad and a beer.”

If that does not lead to success, try complaining about the language itself, or its everyday practicality. That should silence your critics.

7. “How am I supposed to learn a language in which the “H” is the “N”, the “m” is the “t” and the “n” is the “p””?

8. “Yesterday I spoke to a shopkeeper in Bulgarian, but she did not understand me at all.”

It didn’t work? Well, you can still try accusing your critic of interference:

9. “Не се намесвайте. Просто ме остави на мира.”

If none of the above works, you can try the mother of all excuses. The ultimate one will convince even your harshest critic. Ready? Here it is:

10. “I don’t agree with the saints Cyril and Methodius.”


Note: An earlier, shorter version of this was previously published by F&F Magazine, which is now part of The Sofia Globe.



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