Bulgaria among fastest-growing tourist destinations

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Bulgaria is on the list of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in Europe. The data used for the European Travel Commission’s 2017 Travel and Trends Report cover the first four months of 2017.

Iceland hit the first place on the list. The country has been the top-performing European growth destination since 2012. Montenegro, Malta, Finland and Cyprus hold places 2 to 5. Bulgaria is on the 6th place.

Bulgaria is looking at a growth of 16.7 percent regarding international arrivals, from January through April of 2017. While skiing, mountain and city tourism is included, the summer season is not.

The growth registered for Bulgaria substantially exceeds the tourism growth expected by Bulgaria’s government. The Ministry of Tourism is hoping for an increase of 9 percent for the entire year.

Out of 30 countries on the list, one suffered a decrease in tourism from abroad. It is Turkey. The country is facing the consequences of the recent terror attacks in Istanbul and elsewhere, as well as the unpopular behaviour of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government.

For Bulgaria, the growth in tourism from Germany is far more than twice as high as the overall growth. The number of German tourists visiting Bulgaria during the first four months of 2017 increased by an impressive 39 percent. This number was exceeded by Dutch tourists in Bulgaria. Their number increased by 70 percent, while that of British tourists grew by more than a quarter.

If the Bulgarian government’s projections turn out to be accurate, Bulgaria might end up with over 9 million foreign tourists in 2017.

The full European Travel Commission’s 2017 Travel and Trends Report can be found here.




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