Dirty Loops to funk up Sofia on Friday

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When “Baby” spread on Facebook, an interpretation of a Pop music hit by Justin Bieber, which turned out to be brilliant and funky, the music world fell in love with a Swedish trio called Dirty Loops. When “Circus” by Britney Spears was turned into something useful too, there was no holding back. Thanks to the internet, Dirty Loops had a huge fan base even before they started touring extensively.

Vocalist and keyboarder Jonah Nilsson, bass hero Henrik Linder and drummer and Aron Mellergardh have found their trademark. They turn musical trash into quality music. And they manage to do so with only three guys, since they are simply brilliant.

Nilsson, Linder and Mellergardh are former music school classmates from Stockholm. In their vicinity, they already had a name, when they gave Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” a badly needed major overhaul. The views on Youtube were registered in thousands. Shortly after, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands followed.

Their original single “Hit Me” is a killer track too. By now, Dirty Loops’ videos have been watched 20 million times on Youtube alone. Sure, there are many Youtube stars. The difference is that these guys are truly brilliant. This aspect usually does not matter much, since the music industry uses its eyes nowadays, instead of its ears. In this single case, genius did lead to success though.

Converting boring Pop songs into exciting Funk and Fusion tracks? This is something not many have tried. And those who did were mostly not that successful. In this case, things are different.

The good news is that Dirty Loops, the three masters from Stockholm, will hit Bulgarian soil and a Sofia stage as early as tomorrow, on Friday, July 7, 2017. They will be part of the “A to Jazz Festival” at South Park II, at 9:00 p.m..

The “A to Jazz Festival” will start tomorrow and end on July 9. It can be found here. It is being supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation, Sofia Municipality and the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture. Admission is free.




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