Trakia Motorway: More than 20 injured in two chain crashes

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More than 20 people were injured in two chain crashes on Trakia Motorway this morning. At least one of the victims is in critical condition.

The first accident happened close to the Ihtiman exit, some 44 kilometers from Sofia, on the Eastern bound lane. Just about 25 minutes later, the second chain accident happened, on the opposite side of the motorway.

Speeding in the fog might be the cause, since thick fog was reported in the area, around the time of the accident. The crash on the opposite lane might have been caused by drivers, who were looking at the first accident, instead of watching the road in front of them. But authorities said it was too early to tell.

In several ambulances and private vehicles, the injured were taken to hospitals in the area. The Pirogov Clinic in Sofia was expecting some of them too.

Big traffic jams developed behind the accidents. Witnesses said, no vehicles moved for at least 50 minutes. Later, traffic was rerouted.

Trakia Motorway connects Bulgaria’s capital Sofia to Burgas at the Black Sea coast.

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