Bulgaria Air: Authorities looking into compliance with requirements

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The Bulgarian authorities authorities are checking whether Bulgaria Air is complying with requirements after delays accumulated in the past days. The delays started, when a storm hit Moscow, one of Bulgaria Air’s flight destinations.

The Civil Aviation Administration, headed by Director Stanimir Leshev, is specifically looking into the behaviour of the airline in connection with those delays. If there are regulations which were not adhered to, Bulgaria Air might have to pay fines.

Leshev told Bulgarian National Television (BNT), his authority knew about a technical failure caused by a bird strike, as well as difficult meteorological conditions. In both cases, the airline could not be made responsible.

The question was whether Bulgaria Air complied with requirements regarding informing the passengers about delays, feeding them and providing accommodations, in case of big delays, Leshev stated. So far, these questions had not been answered, he said.

Just a few days ago, Bulgaria Air had made more headlines. Because of a compensation for two passengers, which the airline had refused to pay for two years, a Bulgaria Air aircraft was almost seized at Vienna Airport. At the last minute, the company paid the compensation, in order to avoid the seizure, which would have been very embarrassing. And it would have led to further delays.

The Flightright portal, which helps airline passengers fight for their rights, had won a court case for two individuals. Bulgaria Air was supposed to pay 500 Euro, but never did. A Flightright spokesperson said, with Bulgaria Air, cases like this one ended up in front of courts all the time. The same applied to Turkish Airlines, Iberia, Ryanair and EasyJet.




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