Bulgarian and Spanish police take down human trafficking ring

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Spanish and Bulgarian police as well as Europol were involved in a major blow against an organised crime gang, which specialised in trafficking young Bulgarian women to Spain, for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

An intense joint investigation led to today’s operation, during which as many as 34 individuals were arrested. Twenty-six of them are now behind bars in Spain, eight in Bulgaria. Thirteen victims were saved during the operation.

Also, 50,000 Euro were confiscated, along with luxury items and drugs. Several bank accounts were frozen.

According to the Spanish authorities, the gang attempted taking control of the prostitution market in the Spanish towns of Torremolinos and Marbella.

As it turns out, the investigation into the crimes committed by this group started as early as in 2014. The Spanish and Bulgarian police formed a joint investigation team when they had collected information about the size of the group.

The Spanish police said, the gang used violence and other tactics against the victims and their families. Not only did the gang members force the victims into prostitution, but they made them steal their client’s cash and credit cards as well.

In a Spanish police statement it said, the income of the criminal activities was used for expensive cars and investments in Bulgaria.




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