Sofia: Renovation of Boulevard Dondukov leads to traffic jams

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In Sofia, the refurbishment of Boulevard Dondukov started this morning. After months of discussions and delays, the boulevard was closed between Rakovski Street and TSUM shopping mall.

Some drivers did not seem to know about the closure. On Raikovski Street, a rather large traffic jam was the consequence, as drivers were trying to bypass the construction area.

Things did not look too well on Raikovski Street.

At the corner of Bacho Kiro Street, two workers used heavy equipment, in order to get rid of the rotten asphalt around the tram tracks on the boulevard. While the tracks on Krakra Street, which lead to Dondukov Boulevard, are already being replaced, the boulevard itself is at square 1, so to speak.

Before the refurbishment commenced, the City Council, Mayor Yordanka Fandakova and the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture had discussed all details. The latest outcome was that the boulevard will have a cobblestone surface in future as well, in order to make sure the look and spirit of Sofia do not change too much.

Many drivers did not seem to know Dondukov would not take them anywhere.

The refurbishment of this central boulevard will supposedly take until August 31, 2017. The city wants to make sure it is usable again after the summer holiday.

At the same time, Boulevard Praga was closed, due to a thorough refurbishment. Both Praga and Dondukov badly needed a renovation, since they were hardly driveable, due to millions of craters and potholes.

All photos by Imanuel Marcus

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