Sofia: Asian festival thrills hundreds of visitors at Borissova Gradina

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Hundreds of visitors were mesmerized by beauty, dances and exotic food at the park Borissova Gradina in Sofia today, when the first edition of the Asian Festival took place. The event showed that the Bulgarian capital seems to be becoming more international. The Sofia expat community does include many Asians.

At the Chinese stand, dumplings were offered, with a taste which was too good to be true. The Thai dish “Pad Thai” was available at the next stand. Great tasting food from the Philippines was sold as well. South Korea, Indonesia and Japan had stands too.

There was a lot of beauty at the Asian Festival in Sofia.

Women in traditional dresses from the Far East, including several in Japanese Kimonos, were present. They would become part of selfies shot by many visitors, and perform dances. Chinese dragons, countless flags and other items were visible around a stage, on which Asian and Bulgarian artists sang and danced.

Iran and Syria had stands as well, where they offered food, including Döner Kebab. But at the Syrian stand, there was no word about the thousands of victims of the attacks and war crimes committed by dictator al-Assad’s troops.

Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliana Iotova took a tour around the festival.

At extremely high temperatures, ambassadors of several Asian countries joined hundreds of spectators at the Asian Festival. Also, Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliana Iotova showed up, held a speech and looked at every single stand.

Children also had fun by creating pieces of art, by singing and playing. Some of the little ones took part in a Taekwondo performance.

There is nothing better than Chinese dumplings. Period.

While the atmosphere was generally great, there was one aspect which caused disconcertment on the part of some visitors: Vice President Iotova thanked Ahmed Mohammed al Madbuh, the ambassador of a non-existing “State of Palestine”, among others, for organising the festival. At the event, Al Madbuh’s “embassy” displayed pictures of the State of Israel, which were marked with the word “Palestine”.

Apart from this rather odd aspect, the Asian festival was a full success.

Cute pandas.

Even pixel art was on display.

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